About Us

Global Star Realters is a front ranking enterprise born with the vision to deliver excellence in the field of real estate. Our experience of promoting a series of major apartment projects in the vibrant metropolis gives us the confidence to repeat our success in the coastal city of Mangalore too.

Global Star Realters is spearheaded by Mr. M. N. Rajendra Kumar, the stalwart of co-operative banking, whose keen financial and professional acumen combined with his social leadership commands instant credibility and trust.

Uncompromising Quality, Constant Innovation and Total Commitment to Customer Satisfaction are the key ideas that define Global Star Realters and these are evident in every project of the company. With a strong focus on fundamentals, the company has developed a farsighted orientation to key aspects like good design, high standard of construction and execution and pleasant, efficient customer service.

With the rapid expansion of the Indian economy in recent years, real estate sector has emerged as a prominent player. The burgeoning population of the country requires quality housing. Global Star Realters hopes to address the growing demand in the real estate sector with quality solutions that are tailor-made to suit specific customer base.

Global Star Realters is all set to explore new frontiers in the real estate sector and assert its leadership in multifaceted ways